In July, Cognac Blues passions fills the streets and public park of Cognac and Jarnac with the sound of of Afro-American music and a few days later the Cognac Festival hosts concerts and cocktails beside the Charente, where conviviality reigns !
At the end of August, Festi’Classique is an encounter between the worlds of cognac and classical music.
And the street theatre festival Coup de Chauffe is a truly festive way to round off the summer!

Autumn, Winter, Spring…
Autumn sees the Festival of the Crime Novel  and European Literature : films, round-tables, lectures, discussions with writers and artists; the perfect place to make your selection of reading materials for those long winter envenings.
Spring ? It’s time for Mars Planète Danse : hip-hop, classical, contemporary – it’s all about getting ready for the summer !