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Rendez-vous at the Garden of rue Pascal

An unclassifiable little Garden
Under the spotlight

A combination of different areas and styles

François Créach has been shapeng his garden for twenty years now. The garden has changed with his inspiration and his experimentations. It is at the same time a wild garden and a planted garden, a medieval garden and a Japanese garden, this little urban garden (10m x 20m) combines different areas and styles on a small surface.

A wild garden with plants which arrived by chance and a planted garden  with box-trees and bay-trees topiary.

Medieval or Asian ? Both !

A medieval garden with chesnut-tree pannels along the wall and herbs here and there, mint, thyme, oregano and rosemary. Asian garden with a special area with various shades of green and a bonsai collection which was the cause of François’ passion for gardening.

The pathways ga around the obstacles and curves and different levels are as many ways to make the garden bigger than it seems. Do not hesitate to have a look at the pannels of information especially during Rendez-vous aux jardins,  with Ten ideas for your garden to seem bigger and another dedicated to organic culture.

Jardin de la rue Pascal

Notre coup de cœur ? La fontaine avec les nénuphars ! Pourtant situé en centre ville de Cognac, pas un bruit ne vient polluer le clapotis de l’eau qui ruisselle…d’ailleurs les chats du quartier ne s’y trompent pas et en profitent eux aussi.

On June 8th and 9th come share your love for gardens with François Créach !

Le jardinier de la rue Pascal

A Circuit of Cognac’s gardens open during the week-end Rendez-vous aux jardins is also suggested, not to miss anything !