The Royal Château of Cognac that dominated the Charente was initially a 10th century fortress designed to stop invasions by the Normans and then in the 15th century a seigniorial dwelling where one of the most famous French kings, François I, was born the 1st on 12 September 1494. Baron Otard, who had established his cognac business in 1795, realised very quickly that the thickness of the building’s walls was perfect and unique for the aging of his eaux-de-vie. He acquired the château, thus saving it from total destruction.
The Royal Château of Cognac, now a listed monument, is a witness to the history of France and a major cognac house.
We organise different experiences, each one based on two stories: the history of France and Cognac Baron Otard from inception to today.
The 13th century helmet room, the 15th century Governor’s residence and the 16th century Renaissance rooms are worth seeing.

Discovery Tour : 12€
Guided tour & tasting of a VS Tonic and VSOP

Prestige Tour : 22€
Guided tour & tasting of a VSOP and XO

Heritage Tour : 22€
Guided tour & tasting of a VSOP and the exclusive blend: Royal Heritage

History Tour : 36€
Historical guided tour & XO tasting accompanied by a chocolate

At the heart of Le Château : 46€
Guided tour & tasting of a VSOP, XO and Extra 1795

Royal Tour : 120€
Guided tour & tasting of a VSOP, XO, Extra 1795 and Fortis & Fidelis

Children aged 12-18 : 5€
Free Children under 12

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Open from 01/09/2019to31/10/2019

Each :

  • Lundi : From08h00to18h00 and From11h00to12h00
  • Mardi : From08h00to18h00 and From11h00to12h00
  • Mercredi : From08h00to18h00 and From11h00to12h00
  • Jeudi : From08h00to18h00 and From11h00to12h00
  • Vendredi : From08h00to18h00 and From11h00to12h00
  • Samedi : From08h00to18h00 and From11h00to12h00
  • Dimanche : From08h00to18h00 and From11h00to12h00

Open from 01/11/2019to30/11/2019

Each :

  • Lundi : From11h00to12h00 and From13h30to17h00
  • Mardi : From11h00to12h00 and From13h30to17h00
  • Mercredi : From11h00to12h00 and From13h30to17h00
  • Jeudi : From11h00to12h00 and From13h30to17h00
  • Vendredi : From11h00to12h00 and From13h30to17h00
  • Samedi : From11h00to12h00 and From13h30to17h00
  • Dimanche : From11h00to12h00 and From13h30to17h00

Open from 01/12/2019to31/03/2020

Each :

  • Lundi : From14h00to17h00
  • Mardi : From14h00to17h00
  • Mercredi : From14h00to17h00
  • Jeudi : From14h00to17h00
  • Vendredi : From14h00to17h00
  • Samedi : From14h00to17h00
  • Dimanche : From14h00to17h00

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  • : 5€


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