Article . 02/07/2018

Living in Cognac

Anne Frangeul
Author at Living in Cognac


I take on completely subjective itineray, the one of may love for this small area on a world wide scale, but famous all over the world, the one the cognac is elaborated.

The cognac is the produce of time, know-how, ground, climate and many other things. I am lucky to work and live in this unique setting which gives its simple name to the blog : living in Cognac.

I want to tell you this daily fabulous story.

All the year round, specific activities take place in the vineyards, depending from season and weather conditions.
From vineyards to distilleries and cellars, I intend to share with you and highlight the expertise and passion of women and men for theirs vineyards.
They work whatever the weather, day after day, to produce the most beautiful harvest, the finest vine. It explains partly the subtile and high quality of cognac you drink wherever you are.

Time and patience could be the motto for the winegrowers. Each generation works for the other, transmission is more than a word here.

Living in cognac wants to give you an other sight of this prestigious eau-de-vie : the daily life, what happens here, either in the vineyards or beside, thus give you an idea of what is our life.
And also let you discover the heritage of the cognac country : churches, castles, dovecots and mills, small villages.

That is why I take you on a trip to discover the landscapes, the numerous cultural events, the architecture, heritage and gastronomy…

Hope you will take as much pleasure to read it as I enjoy to make it live.

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