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Jean-Luc, guide and Cognac Educator will help you discover cognac from the vine to the glass by taking you to the most discreet vineyards in France.
Learn the history of the vineyards, from the Romans to the present day without forgetting the Wars of Religion, the 19th century phylloxera crisis – all too visible in the scenery and architecture. Your guide leaves nothing to chance and will open otherwise hidden doors, will introduce you to personalities, distillers, barrel-makers all of whom are proud to live in a region which produces a symbol of luxury – “à la française”: cognac !


April to December: Every day on request
Spoken language (s) : English
Label : Vignoble et Découverte


Cognac Masterclass : 45 € / person
Excursions day (except meal) : From 120 € / person and day


Sarl THF
Lieu-dit Chez Rivière
Tél : 05 45 80 80 38
@ : contact@cognac-tasting-tour.fr
Web : http://www.cognac-tasting-tour.fr