Coup de Chauffe

2021, August 29th -September 12th


In 2016, Coup de Chauffe celebrated its 22nd edition on 3rd and 4th September as the city of Cognac celebrated its 1000th birthday …

This free festival is entirely given over to street entertainment and has been organised from the start by the “Avant-Scène” theatre in Cognac, currently a major dance theatre.

We extended this year with pleasure our collaboration with the CNAR Sur le pont (in New-Aquitaine)* and with “Auteurs d’espaces” by SACD which supported “In-Paradise” of the Cie Ex Nihilo (co-production SACD/ Région Aquitaine Limousin Poitou-Charentes/Coup de Chauffe) and with  OARA (for À corps perdus » by Bivouac Cie assisted by support from Office Artistique de la Région Aquitaine).

We were please to include a number of co-productions and creations amongst our programmes.


What is the public space today?

This is the question we asked five artistes on the fashion of carte blanche for the 23rd edition of Coup de Chauffe.  A question dictated by the need to consider the context, in this period of transformations, just as we do in the “Avant-Scène” theatre on a daily basis in order to have a public space in Cognac.  It is also a sign of the desire to collaborate with the artistes Benoît Mousserion, Marine Mane, Antoine Terrieux, Pierre-Johann Suc & Magali Pobel who will give a sensitive and extraordinary point of view on this question.  Jugglers, acrobats, circus-workers, dancers, musicians, actors, plastic artists have all participated at their sides in 25 public space shows in Cognac with the collaboration of CNAR Sur le Pont*.  You were there, you had a great time, you were enchanted!

Economic strip Cie Annibal - 2016

And still more …

In early Setpember, “Avant-Scène” Cognac has a marvellous series of street shows to make you dream, reflect, travel, get involved …
Free and organised by “Avant-Scène’ and the CNAREP Sur le pont*, the Coup de Chauffe festival takes place in the town centre of Cognac.
An extravagant sound world fills the city of eaux-de-vie for several days for the pleasure or young and old.

*Centre National des Arts de la Rue et de l’Espace Public based at La Rochelle.

See you in September for yet more new surprises !
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