Intrinsic qualities of the panther brand

Founded in 1862, the history and savoir-faire of the house of Meukow, in the heart of Cognac, is recounted through a modern and innovative scenography – A guided visit that offers initiation and tasting.

Meukow was created in the 19th century by two brothers from Silesia, Auguste-Christophe and Gustav Meukow, who were sent by Czar Alexander II to France in order to supply the Russian court with eaux-de-vie. After many visits, they decided to set up a business in Cognac and A C Meukow was founded on 1st August 1862. In 1979, Meukow became part of the independent family-run business “Compagnie de Guyenne”, founded by Michel Coste in 1969, the commercial structure of which enabled Meukow to develop and expand their range.


Silvo Pianezzola, guide conférencier et artiste peintre

L'établissement Meukow propose régulièrement des expositions artistiques (en moyenne, une par mois), permettant ainsi à tout artiste, quel que soit son style, sa technique, d'exposer gratuitement dans un espace magnifiquement conçu. En ce qui me concerne, j'ai non seulement eu la chance d'y exposer mes tableaux, mais j'ai pu également exposer en compagnie de deux de mes amis artistes, en ayant eu la possibilité
d'organiser le plus librement possible, ce qui est rare, toutes les manifestations publiques (ateliers, visites, conférences) permettant d'animer notre exposition. Tout cela avec une promotion menée directement par la Société. En cela, Meukow agit vraiment en tant que mécène.

Determined to reinforce the impact of the Meukow brand, Michel Coste searched for a strong symbol that would evoke the quality of their cognacs whilst distinguishing them from other brands. In 1993, he created what was to become the brand’s icon: “Le Félin”, a bottle decorated with a panther, a superb creature that symbolises strength, elegance and suppleness, the intrinsic qualities of Meukow cognacs.

Cognacs Meukow

Du Paradis au maître de chai jusqu'au produit final, laissez vous envahir par l'émotion et la magie

Guyenne area

At the end of this visit a thorough tasting of 3 cognacs is offered. This pleasure of tasting will be able to continue around a lunch at Chai MEUKOW where the chef will make you discover cognac in all its forms (flambée, sauce, marinade…).

Meukow restaurant

Guided visit - Duration : 1 hour, 10€ - Lunch : 28,50€

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