Martell, the journey


Martell the Journey, a unique immersion into the oldest of the great cognac houses.

The Maison Martell proposes guided tours at its historic site in Cognac. A complete journey of discovery allows visitors to explore the world of the Maison Martell and experience the essence of its history, its identity, and its savoir-faire.
Start your visit with the history of the Maison Martell, a combination of heritage and modernity, right from the beginning when Jean Martell founded the Maison Martell in 1715 up until today.
Continue with an encounter with the artisans who contribute to the creation of Martell cognacs. Each of these highly specialized crafts participates in maintaining the excellence and the worldwide
reputation of Martell cognacs.
Your journey will then be concluded by a cognac tasting of your choice in our boutique.

From the start, the audacity to set new standards

The starting point of Martell the Journey is naturally the house of the founder Jean Martell, whose audacity set new standards in cognac. The house is situated in the courtyard of the Gâtebourse site, for which he acquired the first plots of land as early as 1750. The subsequent development of the site is charted here, as are the nine generations of the Martell family who presided over the destiny of Maison Martell.
A video animation spotlights such outstanding figures as Rachel Martell, the wife of the founder, who successfully expanded the business after his death, and Edouard Martell, her great-grandson, who created the iconic Martell Cordon Bleu.

Here, too, visitors can discover treasures from Maison Martell’s 5 kilometres of archives...

... vintage photographs and advertisements, and mementos of the historic occasions on which Martell cognac has been served

Authentic testimonies from the artisans of Martell cognac

From here, the itinerary continues into a succession of former cognac cellars, which retain evocative traces of their past life – sturdy beams, concrete floors, oak barrels and lingering aromas.
There is no better place to discover Maison Martell’s savoir-fair and no better spokespeople than the House’s long-standing partners: a winegrower, a distiller and a cooper talk with sincerity and authenticity about their work in life-size video installations, as if they were engaging visitors in face-to-face conversation. Ever since Jean Martell travelled on horseback across the Charente region to meet the finest artisans, Maison Martell has valued these enduring partnerships – a point made by Martell Cellar Master.

Christophe Valtaud explains his role as that of an orchestral conductor, blending individual expertise into the overall harmony of Martell cognacs.


A 360° exploration of the Cognac region

From ancestral skills to cutting-edge technology, you are invited to step into a spectacular circular space for a 360° immersive experience.
From the rolling hills of Grande Champagne to the gentle slopes and groves of trees of Maison Martell’s signature Borderies cru, this installation brings vividly to life the House’s lasting attachment to the land.


Projected in the centre of the space is the Martell swift emblem.

By taking the bird in your hand, then simply moving it upwards or downwards, you can rise above the rooftops of Cognac to view Martell landmarks, or else explore the region’s terroirs with their different landscapes and characteristics.

A multi-sensory revelation of cognac

Another innovation of Martell the Journey is the way it conveys the sensorial appeal of cognac.

One of the highlights of the experience is a large sculptural installation evoking the twisted form of a vine stock, which presents an array of interactive workshops.

Here, you can, for example, discover the different colours of cognac, compose a melody with the sounds of the cognac-making process, or create their own Martell cocktail recipe.

The natural continuation of this sensorial experience, and the culmination of Martell the Journey, is a tasting in the boutique, where visitors can sample a cognac of their choice from the Martell range.

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