“It’s a treasure to know where we come from and where we are going to.”

My cousin Rémi and I have shared this philosophy since we took over the family estate in Angeac-Champagne, in the heart of Grande Champagne, 1st growth of cognac.
Since 1640, our ancestors have worked on this estate, but we have a special thought for our grandfather, Michel Boinaud, a man of foresight who with boldness, conviction and perseverance conquered additional hectares, created the Boinaud Distillery after World War II and acquired two historic brands: Cognac DE LUZE and J DUPONT.




Our fathers, working beside him, succeeded in internationalising these brands and placing them on the best tables in the world while maintaining the business’ DNA of simplicity, proximity and humility.  We’re sure you will have understood that the story of our family is laced with a passion for cognac and an enthusiasm for spirits that we have handed down from father to son for the last 24 generations.  The core of our strategy is to put all our energy and passion into this generational transmission.  Affirming the artisanal identity of a prestige product while innovating daringly within the respect of family traditions – this is better than a token of integrity, rather the delightful happiness of perpetuating a business as an unfinished masterpiece – this is the soul of our House.
Rémi and I will never cease being devoted workers animated by the quest for excellence so as to perpetuate and consolidate a solid 400-year-old reputation.  It’s up to us to immortalize it …

The distillery

The aging cellars


We are happy to welcome you – in the presence of our employees, men and women who have been with us for 40 years or the younger generation – to our site covering almost 420 ha (the largest family-owned estate), to our distillery and its 41 alembics (the largest family-owned distillery), to our cooperage and our 6 cellars.

This is more than just sampling the experience from the vine to the glass, it’s an exploration of an ambitious rural world that we offer, a revelation of authentic, artisanal knowhow associated with modernity.  Lastly, it’s a meeting between us and you, the tasters and lovers of heritage that you are.
Welcome to Maison Boinaud!

Charles BOINAUD, Managing Director

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