Dominique Gentes - Ambassador for Club Cognac Tourisme

In January 2017, I was awarded the title of Best Ambassador 2016 during a delightful evening organised by the Cognac Tourist Office and their partner Courvoisier.
My reward was a “Bottle your own” event which consisted of creating my very own bottle of eau-de-vie, aided by two specialists who accompanied me during each stage of the process and enabled me to better understand how cognac is produced.
I took great care during each manipulation - using a large pipette to obtain the correct quantity to pour into a large measure, transferring it into a small bottle, preparing my label, signing the register.
And that was that! A beautiful 20cl bottle of “Petite Champagne” aged for 15 years in Chai Renard. Thank you Courvoisier, for a wonderful experience!

Based in Jarnac, with its impressive château of the 19th century, Courvoisier offers exclusive and unique experiences.

The Museum tour will bring you to the heart of its history, from Paris to Jarnac and describe the special features of Courvoisier cognacs, complemented by the discovery of an ageing cellar and tastings.

For a deeper experience, the Premium tour opens the doors of the Courvoisier Château and invites you to delve into the heart of the Courvoisier history and passion .From the visit of unique places such as the Paradise cellar, to tastings and sensorial experience for a privileged moment.

Aging cellars

A tour in the aging cellars of Cognacs Couvoisier

Tasting and olfactory experience during a Premium visit

The boutique, on the banks of the Charente River, offers a large selection of cognacs, limited editions, exclusive products and experiences.

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