A cognac with a Scandinavian accent

Bache-Gabrielsen Cognac House, based in the heart of Cognac, was founded in 1905 by the Norwegian Thomas Bache-Gabrielsen. After being transmitted from father to son, it is now Hervé Bache-Gabrielsen, the fourth generation, who is running the company. The brand has a bi-cultural heritage merging the family’s deep Scandinavian roots while upholding the traditions of Cognac. This unique foundation has helped shape the brand over many decades, as well as defining its core values of innovation, tradition and passion.

Marielle Chopin-Pascaud

Marielle Chopin-Pascaud - Bache Gabrielsen Cognac House Public Relations

The Bache-Gabrielsen Cognac House is characterized by its apothecary atmosphere with its original sales counter, the labels room filled with wooden drawers and of course the Cellar Masters laboratory where many different cognac samples are lined up. It’s also true that “Tre Kors” one of the iconic cognacs of this brand with its Norwegian origins has a colorful history: back in 1916 when Norway was under prohibition, Thomas Bache-Gabrielsen used his creativeness to get around this, Cognac was only available for “medicinal purposes”, and so he replaced the three existing stars on the cognac label with three red crosses (“Tre Kors” in Norwegian) by doing this he was able to sell his Cognac, which became an elixir of life. Even the House’s coat of arms which dates back to 1905 shows the goddess of medicine along with the tagline “extending life and joy”!


The world of the apothecary is a good description of the House of Bache-Gabrielsen: the sales counter, the wooden drawers in the labelling room, the cellar master’s laboratory and the multiple tasting samples.  Even the House’s coat of arms, dating from 1905, shows the goddess of medicine and the motto states that their cognac “prolongs life and happiness”.

Cognac Bache Gabrielsen


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