Come and discover all the secrets of making the most coveted “eaux de vie” in the world in the heart of a family and independent property.

We are convinced that blending « eaux de vie » from exceptional estates gives our Cognacs an inimitable typicity and strength. Deeply attached to the terroir, we decided to produce distinct cognacs according to their origin. Our philosophy is therefore summed up in one expression:
“Single Estate Cognac”.
During your visit to the Estate, you will follow all the stages of production: the vineyard, the winery, the distillery, the aging cellar.
So you will understand the passion of our teams who, in exceptional terroirs, shape, with the help of time, the magnificent cognacs that you will taste before leaving us.

This brand that carries our family name is the signature of the Domaines Francis Abécassis.

To create ABK6 Cognac, the Cellar Master has chosen the oldest and most emblematic “eaux-de-vie” from our estates. In these aromatic and intense Cognacs, one finds the fruit of the vine and the lightness of the aromas. The whole ABK6 range is «gourmand» with notes of candied apple fruits and spices.

ABK6’s exclusive square shaped bottle affirms the modernity of the brand and highlights its differences, while respecting the tradition of the “eau-de-vie” and its uncompromising quality.

Since its creation, ABK6 has won several medals, in the most prestigious international spirits competitions.

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