Taste flash-fried langoustines and asparagus.


12 asparagus
12 langoustines
20 cl of Pineau des Charentes rouge
1 espresso
Salt, pepper
5 cl of hazelnut oil

  • Shell the langoustines and peel the asparagus.
  • Reduce 20 cl of Pineau des Charentes until syrupy.
  • Deglaze with ½ the espresso and add the hazelnut oil.
  • Flash-fry the heads of the asparagus in olive oil (keep the rest for another recipe).
  • Allow to colour and leave partially cooked ; add salt and pepper.
  • Sear the langoustines 20 seconds per side; add salt and pepper.
  • Display appropriately.

Creation : Richard TOIX – Passions et Gourmandises – St Benoit (86)

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