History of the park


The Public Park is the result of the purchase of two properties by the town of Cognac: the Hôtel Otard de la Grange and the Hôtel Dupuy d’Angeac, to create the City Hall and the Municipal Museum.
Cognac Public Park, designated as a conservation area in 1943, has the characteristic elements of English gardens (pagoda, orangery, grottos, sinuous lines).
Lawns and groves compose the garden with an area of 7 hectares.
It was created by Edouard André in 1935.

Edouard André was a famous parisian landscape architect. He was a student gardener at National History Museum of Paris.  Edouard André created  numerous gardens in France and abroad and became a specialist in English gardens of the 19th century.

Green amphiTheatre

It was carried out simultaneously with Dupuy d’Angeac town house by Raymond Clavery.
In July the Festival Blues Passions takes place in this amphitheatre and its scene welcomed famous singers such as Ray Charles, BB King and Joe Cocker.

Hôtel Otard de la Grange
Cognac city hall

The City Hall is the focal point of the garden.
Built on high ground, all paths converge to it. It was built in 1840 and belonged to Mrs Claire Otard de la Grange, Vicomtesse de Lavilléon. In 1887, Hôtel Otard was put up on sale by the wealthy  Lavilléon’s family.

The town of Cognac buy the town house and its four-hectares park.