Article . 18/06/2019

Angeac Dinosaurs in 3-D

Dive a hundred and forty millions years back !

Immersion avec un casque de réalité virtuelle dans le monde des dinosaures d'Angeac Charente

Meet an ornithomimosaurus and a sauropod

Equiped with virtual reality headset we suggest you to meet Lower Cretaceaous-Destination Cognac inhabitants. Let’s go for a  four-minutes-360° immersion : you’re going to find yourself face to face with an ornithomimosaurus not shy at all…

Far more quiet a sauropod lives in the marshy area of Angeac Charente. You will be able to meet them all summer long at Cognac Tourist Office rue du 14 juillet à Cognac for a complete change of scenery  !

Guided tours of  the paleontological excavation site of Angeac-Charente

To learn more about the paleontological excavations site of Angeac-Charente, book your tour of the excavation site from 2019 July, 11th to August 1st.

Not to miss !

An ornithomimosaurus escaped, you have an hour to solve the mystery of its disapearance. Will you take the challenge of Angeac Escape Game ?

Escape Game sur le site de fouilles paléontologiques d'Angeac Charente